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Our Resident Artists

Our resident artists act as our full time teaching faculty. Each artists brings a diversity of experiences to the classroom and their art. This offers students a variety of techniques that include wheel throwing, hand building, sculpture, and carving. Their varied training is passed on to the students, making the experience at Clay Arts Vegas rich and supportive. Artist bring finished works into classes and expose students to both traditional and alternative firings.


CHUCK ARNETT - "One has to remain flexible!" After graduating high school in May, 1964, Chuck started his working life as a delivery boy for King's Flowers. His investigations into working with clay and glaze formulation started at nearly the same time. Shortly after starting investigations with a home made potters wheel, he was drafted into the Army (Vietnam Era.) While Chuck was in the army he continued to research and learn about techniques for pottery. When he finished his service duties, he returned to Vegas and again took up making pottery. During this period he assisted Wally Wallace in teaching City of Las Vegas Adult Pottery Classes ,at Wally's home, the City had no facilities. The classes exposed students to all the facets of pottery making; clay exploration in the wild, clay mixing, glaze formulation, firing techniques, as well as the"normal" pottery and hand-building techniques. Chucks career lead him to Head Floral Designer and Diesel Bus Mechanic; through all of this he has continued to grow as a potter and rubbing shoulders with artists like; Peter Myers, Mike McCollum, Tom and Elaine Coleman, Susan Filley, and so many others who have visited Las Vegas to direct work shops. Chuck was also one of the founding member of the Nevada Clay Guild in 1990.
Thomas Bumblauskas' work in ceramics utilizes small and medium-size functional vessels. These vessels allow him into intimate settings, where he asks the viewer to think about themselves. Thom's work pulls from the things which we fear, how we remember, how we communicate, and how we carry childhood experiences into our adult lives. Thom's microcosms explore the human traits we often hide from ourselves and others. Confronting the audience and more closely examining the universal nature of life, fear, humor, and absurdity, making the viewer see themselves in a new way. His work has been featured in numerous galleries and collected though-out the country. Brian Paco Alvarez compared to the work of George Orr, the self-proclaimed "Mad Potter of Biloxi.".   Thomas work can be found at  MUDFIRE'S (Atlanta, GA), EARTH WIND AND FIRE Larime WY, and Clay Arts Vegas.  Thomas is also an accomplished award winning scenic designer with numerous theatre, opera and film credits. Learn more about Thom
Brandy Dean has lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years.  She is  a teacher at CCSD where she is a specialist in computer science.  Brandy brings to CAV years of teaching experience and a dynamic sense of organization.  Brandy over sees the Family Classes for the studio, and is a vital part of of our Thursday Night class.
John Gregg (emeritus) was born in Yuma: Arizona in 1957, He is the second gereation raised in Arizona, He took pottery classes at Arcadia High School in Phoenix. The major influence behind his art was his mother Corrien Mathiesen Gregg who was a prolific artist. After her passing John returned to pottery in her memory. He has hiked the back country of Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. His main interest was photography. John has an extensive collection of photographs of the petroglyphs and ancient Indian ruins he has found. The southwest influence shows in his work today. John fell in love with throwing clay on the wheel using stoneware and porcelain clays. He tries to give clay the texture and forms of the natural world. He now focuses on honing his design skill using alternative firing methods. Learn more about John
Peter Jakubowski received his BA in theatre from SUNY Buffalo and an MFA in design from Temple University. He is the resident lighting designer for Nevada Ballet Theatre, KORESH DANCE COMPANY, SNOWY RANGE DANCE FESTIVAL and has two decades of experience as a professional lighting and scenic designer and production manager. He works in a variety of art mediums and enjoys sculpture, lapidary, and silver-smithing. Peter's work in clay was featured in ROCK AND GEM magazine in July of 2013.  Peter's work is carried at Clay Arts Vegas and the Erotic Heritage Museum.  Learn more about Peter

Delaney Hills holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Pacific Luthern College. Her focus is functional work with a floral details. During her residency at Clay Arts Vegas she is exploring forms, and performing kiln technician duties and teaching both class in both wheel throwing and hand-building


Resident Artists

Chuck Arnett
Thelma Davis
Brandy Dean
Delaney Hills*
 Beth McLeod

*Visiting Resident Artist

We are grateful for additional support provided by:

Brian Aryiss
Coni Kalinowski
Elaine Dumanski
Aurora Gandara
John Gregg
Andi Goodman
Mr. & Mrs. Victor F. Keen
KK Pottery
Marc & Mary Rosenthal
Constance Stotzer